Ok, so here’s the deal:  when we moved into our current home, the rent came with a monthly professional cleaning included.  All I would have to do is keep things tidy, and a gift from the gods would come in once a month and magically make my home clean.

It is a stinkin’ dream come true.  I never in a million years would have paid for somebody to clean for me, but if it’s included? Heck yeah I’ll let them.

The first couple of months were great…literally all I did was keep things presentable, and our cleaning gentleman (is that the right name for a man who cleans your house?) did the rest.  He was fabulous.

Last month, our landlord gave us the option of taking that option out of the rent.  I really (REALLY) had to think about it.  It was so incredibly nice, but I just couldn’t justify paying somebody to clean the house when I have the capability to do it.  So, kind of begrudgingly, we agreed to cancel it.

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