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Where you’d hope to see a mobile-friendly annotation, these listings have annotations only for the number of product pages or "results." Yet these pages pass the Mobile-Friendly Test and have no mobile usability errors in Google Webmaster Tools. For example, below is a screenshot of the Google mobile results for "camping tents."The Mobile-Friendly test tool is easy to use; simply type in the full URL of the web page that you want to test. Any redirects implemented by the page will be followed by the test. The test typically takes less than a minute to run. Test results include a screenshot of how the page looks to Google on a mobile device, as well as a list of any.Google has finally launched a new mobile friendly testing tool. The company has increased the mobile friendly ranking factor, as the consumption of digital content on mobile devices is only increasing. They have announced changes in a mobile friendly ranking factor for the upcoming period and have kept its promise.The feature unsurprisingly failed to gain traction. You can tell we were skeptical just from the headline in our initial.See This website fails the Google mobile-friendly test. Can anyone fix it?. I just sent you an e-mail with the login information. Programmer:. I would like for this website to be responsive and pass the Google mobile-friendly test.Mobile-Friendly Test. Test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. Just enter a page URL to see how your page scores. More usage tips. google apps. main 866-334-2302 or visit to find out why you just failed the mobile friendly test. Your business may just depend on it.Google’s Webmaster Tools offers a page by page mobile usability test and the results here might surprise you. Unlike the Mobile Friendly Test the data held here is from the entire site so PDFs, images, newsletters and more may show up in these reports.Google’s test site for mobile friendliness google developers have created a Mobile-Friendly Test Site where you can paste your url into a field to test its mobile readiness. It will show you what it looks like on a smartphone, and you’ll get a report that says, "Awesome.

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